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The Battle…(warning: some people may feel uncomfortable reading this)!

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Reality is evil is always lurking. There is this unseen spiritual battle at work; to be point blank it’s a struggle between bondage or freedom…

Trust me when I say that by NO MEANS can I write in a way that would fully describe what happened Wednesday…truth is some things can’t be shared. But, I want you to realize how serious life vs. death, bondage vs. freedom, love vs. destruction; how serious and real it is. This is not something to thrill you or give you a good read…it’s life and I know this battle rages everywhere but i’ve seen it with my own eyes in Haiti.

After I stumbled upon the remains of a previous voodoo ceremony Wednesday morning God really laid it on several hearts to sing and worship on the top of the mountain; this mountain  that is now a shining light in so much darkness. A mountain that has been abundantly prayed over, had many tears shed, and lots of hard work to transform it…this is a mountain that has been claimed by God to represent the fullness of His Glory…and lets just be honest: Satan doesn’t like it one bit!!

the remains of the ceremony from the night before on the mountain…

So in opposition he is trying to claim his territory over something that was never his to begin with.

Last night several of us, tired and not really sure what was about to take place, hiked up the mountain to pray, worship, and reclaim this land of God’s. We had no clue that when we got to the top another voodoo ceremony would be taking place at the very spot that I stood over and prayed earlier that morning. You could literally sense and feel evil in the air; it was thick…and there is where the spiritual battle became real.

On this land two things took place: one group was sacrificing and worshiping the Devil and then other was singing praises and worshiping the Lord of Lords!

1st Peter 5:8 says ” Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking who he may devour.”

That night we saw and heard the kingdom of darkness. Literally stood just a few feet away from people who were calling down spirits and offering up sacrifices. As I sat on the ground my back facing the ceremony I could sense darkness and evil behind me…but then this calming peace, freedom, & love in front of me. While singing the presence of God was sweet and indescribable but as soon as we would  stop and start praying or reading scripture we could hear their sacrifice being offered and the battle would once again make itself known. It’s a battle of SPIRITUAL WARFARE and for 1.5 hrs we were praying that the Lord would reveal himself. But here’s the sad reality, the voodoo people there that night(and SO many in this country)  think that they’ll gain from this evil. Only to find out in the end they’ll gain nothing but a lifetime of darkness and lies…these are true souls in the balance and facing strong deceit. These are the souls that need your prayers…that they’ll see Christ and turn from this bondage. (Ephesians 6:12)

Here’s the thing that lights my soul up every time I think about it… GUARANTEED VICTORY FOR THOSE THAT KNOW HIM!! You see the goodness of God in this battle is that God has PROMISED victory in our lives if we trust and know Him! Even though this strong spiritual war was taking place I have NEVER in my life experienced the sweetness of God like I did that night. There were times while singing that God’s presence was so strong all I could do was sit and weep. I didn’t know if I should move, continue to pray, sing, smile, continue to cry, or just bow my face as low to the ground as I possibly could. When you feel His GLORIOUS presence that strong it is literally the most humbling experience you will ever have!

There is where you realize just how UNWORTHY we are to be in His presence and call ourselves sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH KING!! The magnitude of His Glory is so strong no wonder we’ll have to wait until we get to heaven to truly see Him as He is…now I completely understand why we will BOW ON OUR KNEES and cry WORTHY IS THE LAMB!!

Never once did I feel threatened or unprotected…but my heart is saddened for the people that we heard and saw cry out to something that they really don’t want to interact with. Lift them up because VERY soon Revelation 11:5 says THERE WILL COME A DAY when the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and HE shall Reign For Ever and Ever!! THERE WILL COME A DAY THAT REVEALS THE KING OF GLORY,AND THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS WILL FOREVER BE PROCLAIMED ;THERE WILL COME A DAY, NO MORE NIGHT, NO SIN, NO SORROW NO MORE LONGING FOR TOMORROW…THERE WILL COME A DAY 🙂 Heart heavy for this country and the oppression they face but resting in this promise of Victory!!


One thought on “The Battle…(warning: some people may feel uncomfortable reading this)!

  1. I am sooo proud of you; I thank God for you. Your heart and spirit go so far beyond that of most every one, including myself. I love you, Arnold

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